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Tognetti Family Winery


The Tognetti's of Tuscany and Napa Unite

Through generations it’s easy to lose track of your family tree.  Records get misplaced and stories get harder to recall. Tracing our family history is something we feel is important and have dedicating more time to in recent years. During our search we were delighted to discover that the Tognetti family in Montaione, Italy is also in the wine business. Over the past few years we’ve had the pleasure of spending time together both in Tuscany and here in Napa. Although we are separated by generations we knew from the moment we met that we are family. We would like to share their story and tell you about the fantastic products they make. 



Meet the Tognetti's of Tuscany

Although the origins of the Tognetti family trace back to northern Italy, this branch of the Tognetti tree hasdeep roots in Tuscany where they have lived for eight generations.  Year after year the knowledge and experience that can only be gained by working the land has been passed on to the next generation. The spirit of Tuscany lives in every member of this hard working family and is evident in the high quality products they make.


We’re excited to not only introduce the Tuscany Tognetti family to you but also share the amazing products they make. Below you will find more information on their businesses.

You can learn more on their website:



Poderi Tognetti Tuscan Wines

The Tognetti family of Tuscany has five organic wine properties where they produce a number of marvelous wines. Their vineyards are located on carefully selected growing sites in the most important winemaking areas of Tuscany. They carefully craft their premium grapes into both traditional and modern wines. Their portfolio includes; Chianti, Chianti Classico, Morellino di Scansanso, Super Tuscan Blends, and many more high quality wines.

To learn more about their full portfolio of wine and vineyard properties CLICK HERE



Vacation Villas

It's time to plan your trip to Italy! The Tognetti’s welcome you to stay in the most beautiful parts of Tuscany for a truly authentic experience in their vacation villas. You can book an exclusive selection of vacation homes and apartments including their three special villas in the green hills of Montaione, a very stylish and elegant family apartment in the historic city of Florence, and an oasis villa situated between the vineyards and the Mediterranean Sea. You’re sure to have an authentic experience you’ll remember for a lifetime. 

To view the the properties CLICK HERE

To check rates, availability, and book your dream vacation CLICK HERE


Restaurant and Special Events

If you’re planning a special event or destination wedding look no further.  Tenuta Il Brigante is a full service restaurant and event space located on the Tognetti’s 105 hectare Il Sapito farmhouse estate.  This beautiful space boasts a manicured outdoor garden and can comfortable seat up to 270 people. The large glass walls invite the scenic Mediterranean woods into the interior for a truly unique setting. Traditional Italian cuisine is prepared in the modern kitchen and on the outdoor grill equipped with a wood burning over for pizza and fresh bread.  

To view the event space and book your next gathering CLICK HERE


Salami and Ham

Utilizing old family recipes and only animals they raise on their large forested property, the Tognetti’s make Salami the traditional Tuscan way. It all starts with the farm where they raise Cinta Senese, wild boar, and Italian pigs. The animals diet consists of a flour blend grown on their cereal farm as well as wild acorns and chestnuts that are found on the wooded property.  The meat is processed in a modern facility using local spices. 

Not only can you learn more about the salami on their website but they also have great information about the unique breeds of pigs they raise.  For example the Cinta Senese is a rare ancient breed that originates in Mantemaggio and the Chianti hills. As one of the few breeders raising these pigs, their farm is important to both the breed and the Tuscan tradition.

To learn more about the salami and farms CLICK HERE


Olive Oil

Extra virgin oilive oil is an important part of Tuscany’s tradition. The Tognetti estates are home to over one thousand organically grown olive trees made up of multiple cultivar which include Razza (or Frantoiane), Moraiole, and Laccine olives. Every year the olives are harvested by hand and pressed in the family oil mill. In recent years they have started producing pitted olive oil in accordance to the Veronelli guidelines. The result is an extra high quality olive oil.

To learn more about the olive groves and olive oils they produce in Tuscany CLICK HERE


Cereal (Grains)

Get lost in the hectares of golden grains located on the Tognetti estate. The fields are filled with a mix of standard and ancient grains boasting remarkable nutritive value and contributing to the biodiversity of the area. Often lost in time these ancient grains are an important part of the Tuscan tradition.

Once harvested these grains are processed in a state of the art facility that combines the newest technology with traditional grindstone techniques. The result is a wide range of flours that are sold in a short distribution chain where they are used to make local farm to table products such as bread and pizza.

To learn more about the Cereal operationa and modern processing facilities CLICK HERE



Due to the difficulty and cost of farming, which is done by hand, much of the saffron production has stopped during the last century. The Tognetti’s in Tuscany are part of a small group of farmers that still grow this valuable spice in very limited quantities.

 You can learn more about Saffron and the farming process HERE



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